Go & serendipity

Serendipity is about unplanned fortunate discoveries.
And since go is/can be a highly intuitive game, I wonder about the relationship between go and serendipity.
What do you think about it?
Do you have (and maybe want to share) examples of it?


Nobody can read everything in a game of go, so one might attribute good or bad outcomes of fights (or the whole game) to mere luck.

But I believe one can definitely make ones own luck in go, for example by making good shape, choosing a good flow or direction of play, good timing of attacking moves or prophylactic moves, etc.


If I do understand well that word, we can get that feeling when in a tough fight you see the light in a unexpected way.
In a more general way,look like a reference to what we call the Japanese style of play when your patiently built thickness finally rewards you

Not sure I understand how to use this word.

So let’s say, my opponent played a big blunder and requested an undo. Like any decent serious Go player, I declined. In the chat:

My opponent: misclick
Me: Sorry, serendipity.

Is that correctly used?


Serendipity is looking for something special and while doing so finding something completely different. Divine moves ?



If I ever play a divine move, I can assure you it is a misclick. :joy:

Misclick some more ?

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