Go SGF database software for MacOS

I’ve done a bunch of Googling around and can’t seem to find a good SGF database for use on MacOS.

I’m using Sabaki for games against Go engines and analyzing single SGFs, but is there any MacOS software that acts like a SGF database for organizing and viewing many, many SGFs?

Viewing them in what way? Like a drop down list that you can cycle up and down using the arrow keys on the keyboard? Or? The more information you can provide about desired program features, the better we can make recommendations :wink:

GoWrite maybe?

It is super oldschool but has some interesting ways of managing collections if I recall… with thumbnails, searching for positions and stuf…


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Smartgo should work, with a Windows emulator (I know this is WINE for Linux, but not sure what program accomplishes this for MacOS)

SGF Software (sensei’s library page, might be helpful)

British Go Association (software links page, might be helpful)

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SmartGo for macOS also has a database (games from GoGoD), and you can open/save your own, search for positions, etc., can even open a whole folder of SGF, but I don’t know whether these can be added to the whole database.
Still in beta though, and I’ve never tested it all out.

The nice thing is, if you buy a license, it’s valid for both platforms.


Alrighty thanks everyone for the help!

I now have close to a million SGFs now which I will use to train my NN.

Last question: To start off I’m want to train my bot for 9x9 games, Any idea where I can download 9x9 SGFs in bulk?

From that thread, came this GLORIOUS post:


Thank you so much!

Okay so I now have just over 2 million SGFs on my computer for analyzing and training my NN. Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction

Now I’m looking for some kind of SGF database software that works under macOS (Mojave) OR that will run under Wine. I need software that can handle the 2M+ SGFs I have and let me organize them and so forth.

I’ve tried GOWrite and Jacoto (for MacOS); the former doesn’t handle many SGFs smoothly, and trying to run the latter gives me the error “…PowerPC applications are no longer supported”.

I’ve looked through sensei’s library and haven’t found anything suitable.

Any suggestions?

Side problem: When I add SGF files to my collection in Sabaki, everything I added gets removed from the collection when I close and reopen Sabaki. Is there a way to make Sabaki preserve/keep all of the SGFs I add to it?