SGF library or package of 9x9 games?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to download (in bulk) lots of 9x9 game SGFs to train my bot on a 9x9 board.

I’ve done quite a bit of Googling and still can’t find anything.

Anyone know where I could download some 9x9 SGFs? Preferably in bulk.

9x9 pro collection

Thread contains this info:

there is a download link near the bottom of

Linked page says:

Here you’ll find 50000 Japanese professional go games in SGF format, both as .tar.gz archive (26 MB) and as .7z archive (16 MB).

As AdamR points out, only 400 to 500 of these are on the 9x9. I’ve confirmed 7z archive contains individual SGF files. Hope this helps :wink:


just a heads up, the 50 000 seems to refer to the whole collection most of which is 19x19

9x9 is only a small portion of those (about 500)

That is a very good point. I missed that. Now that I am pondering it, how many 9x9 games between pro’s are likely to even be out there and accessible? I’m not sure how popular 9x9 is among pro players :thinking:.

@aheavyburden how many pro games are you after? Is there a reason why you do not want to use one of the other 9x9 weights that are already available on the net? You might consider asking this question on There are people there who have a high chance of having experience with this very endeavor :wink:.

ADDITION Game Records (links to collections)
I found another link to several SGF collections. Maybe one of these might be of some help.

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thanks for the help guys, I’ll check out that subreddit.

In the meantime, if anyone else knows where to get 9x9 SGFs in bulk, that’d be cool.

Are you looking for pro games or will any old 9x9 games do for training your bot?

9x9 pro games and any dan-level games on the 9x9 board as well.

@flovo might know of a way to pull dan level 9x9 game records from OGS.

His skills are so dreamy :pleading_face: :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

I just found your other thread, seemingly on the same topic. About halfway through a user (@xoxox) continues the conversation, and it would appear that it is you. Are you the user xoxox as well?

It would take several hours or even days to find all players you are interested in and additional 1s per game to download.

Considering this puts a high load on the OGS servers, and the ability to search for games directly via the /games API, I feel it’s better not to share too many details.


Fair enough flovo. Thank you for dropping by and shedding some light on this :smile:


If you’re asking me if I’m “xoxox”, I’m not.


@aheavyburden If you are looking for games here is about 50,000 games I use for AI and has a additional 20,000 games provided
and you may want to check this one out it has a additional 14,000 games and some repeats from the 50,000 I think I had that issue. That is about 84k or so in my collection :slight_smile:


Jackpot!!! :heart_eyes:. Deep Scholar to the rescue :star_struck:


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