Go software for Linux and BSD

I assume many of you had experience with this, so in order no to waste a whole day on Google chasing dead links, may I ask: Do you guys know and good go programs that run on Linux or FreeBSD operating systems?


Take a look at GnuGo :slight_smile:

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The engine itself? Will give it a try… And find something that runs over it

cgoban1 is old but good.

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Will check it out


Leela zero / Lizzie are distributed as source, and ought to build just fine.

The Sabaki SGF editor has a Linux version. KDE has kigo. GNOME has baduki.

KGS and IGS/Pandanet have Linux clients. OGS is the best in this regard: you have a client on any OS that has a reasonably modern browser.

On FreeBSD be sure to enable Linux emulation to have a chance at running binary-only Linux go software.

But really, unless you want to play on Foxy/tygem, this is a non-problem.


Thank you this was very much helpful! Will look into all of those! :smiley: Would love to have some software for this, to keep games, and so on…plus for practice

Hopefully these lists might help