Go teaching for programming trade? [No longer needed]

Hi I know this is a long shot I am looking to possibly teach go for someone in exchange for some one to program me something. For some specifics I am 8dan FOX “Cinnabun”. I have at least 2 years worth of teaching experience in go and I stream on twitch under the name “PaigeEdict”.

I want an extension for twitch which seems to require knowledge of JS/CSS/HTML. If anyone is interested in programming something in exchange for go lessons please contact me for more details about the exchange and exactly what I might need.

Edit (Sorry my grammar is also not that great with large paragraphs…): To be more specific (I am not really sure what is possible or not and how hard something might actually be) and I am not 100% certain on the specifics of what I want to do as its something I want to discuss before hand but the aim is basically to be able to do a bits go board. The idea would be kind of like a memory go board where say “100 bits by clicking this button and it allows you to place a stone on a board” except it will have your username on it. Obviously there is more to it but a lot needs to be discussed further. I don’t know how complicated or possible this would be since some twitch names are impossibly long and would probably be way longer then the size of a small stone lol.

(Sorry if my request comes off as insulting >.< I know teaching go has not as much value as programming skills but I am poor and this is all I can offer otherwise I would pay!)


What would you like that twitch extension to do? A bit more details in the specifications might help more people take up on your offer :slight_smile:


Don’t apologise. There is a priori nothing insulting about your offer. The only reason why “go skills” are less valuable than “programming skills” is because there are fewer go players than there are people with programming problems. But there are also much fewer go teachers than there are people with programming skills, and I’m sure there are people who are interested in go lessons in exchange for programming work.


  • It might help if you could describe your programming problem in a bit more detail. In particular, do you think the amount of work required would take a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks?
  • It might help if you could give your go rank by naming a national federation. “2 years worth of teaching experience” is not really indicative of the quality of your teaching at all. 8 dan sounds very impressive, but “8 dan on fox” is a lot less indicative. There are people who are 8 dan on fox because they are veryveryvery strong, but also people who are 8 dan on fox because they play a lot of lightning games.

I didn’t really describe it because I wasn’t sure about limitations and wanted some professional guidance as to what is possible or to hard but it makes sense that I should give some idea as to what I want sorry!

Sadly you need to have actually played in tournaments or have a rank with a national federation to have a federation rank. I would be AGA except I have never actually played a AGA game so I can only take shots in the dark but I feel this would just be lying in a way. So fox 8dan is all I can say >.<.


Will do sorry about that >.<

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I think there’s possible still some translation challenge here: I don’t know what the word “bits” means in this context. I also don’t know what is a “memory go board”. Or how a person’s username length relates to this proposal.

It may actually be worth writing it in your natural language and letting traslators help.

Please describe what you want to do, not how it would work. “When I am on twitch doing [what?] I want to be able to [do something] so that [what]”

I’m not sure about the rest, but I looked up “Twitch bits” and apparently that’s the currency over there.

If anyone is interested in doing this, Monetization | Twitch Developers seems like a good place to start w.r.t. creating a monetized twitch extension.


Haha sorry English is my natural language I am just bad at written English despite it being my only language. Grammar is hard!

The post is related to twitch. Bits are a currency used on twitch a good small way to support your streamer. “Memory go board” is just kind of how I was calling what I wanted.

I want people to be able to donate bits which allow them to place a stone on a go board. It does not need to be able to capture stones just a static image that can be updated like a screenshot. But that it will only let them place 1 move on this static image after a bit donation. Once the move is placed it goes back to being a static image except now there will be a new stone on the board and written on the stone will be a username of the one who played it. I also want different bit donation amounts to have different colors. So for example 100 bits is a blue name 200 is a green name etc etc (just examples).

Its not really something that “I” would be doing on twitch with it but viewers who are watching. I think sadly it is quite complicated without knowing anything about twitch or about how the API on it works >.<!

Thank you <3! The link helps I hope.

Thank, that story explains much more clearly what you want.

I gather that the meaning of “memory” in this context is that “it remembers who played each move”?

It’s almost like “pay-to-play-your-move-rengo”.

Why do the participants want to pay and play? What is in it for them? How is it part of your twitch teaching?

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I think I did initially think of this when I read it.

However, given that people just generally like to either subscribe or donate bits to support a streamer they like anyway (irrespective of any go board) then I don’t necessarily see this as the primary purpose

At the moment twitch does have leaderboards for bit donations, if one is thinking of the memory aspect. However I’m not sure how often those reset, could be monthly etc. (oh I guess the streamer has some control Customer Support)

Presumably this memory go board will keep track of users and their bit donation quantities (color coding) which might persist longer than some bit cycle on twitch. It might also be just a fun way to recognise a contribution like the way animations typically play with donations and subs etc. Especially if

it seems less like a monetised rengo and more like a “thanks for donating” extension.


Ah, I see - that makes some sense!

Is it even a game of Go then? Does it need any real Go mechanics?


That’s a question for @Paige I suppose.

I can think of one issue with the Go mechanics, in that removing stones might cause you to remove donators names, hence losing the memory aspect.

I mean maybe that’s something one would want if encouraging them to play a game on the side, but it does seem counter intuitive to remove someone that’s been highlighted as donating a certain amount, or even many such users if the latest donator self ataris :slight_smile:

On the other hand you never know what people might enjoy. Maybe other streamers might want a fully functioning go board (if it’s possible) and if 1 bit ($0.01) has set as enough to play a stone they it might be a cheap enough side game of rengo in a way that would potentially persist across streams.

I suppose again such a thing might depend on how @Paige felt of having something somewhat exclusively designed for their channel etc, even though I get such a thing is less of a formal contract and more of an exchange of skills.

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People support there favorite streamers all the time through different methods think of it like a hall of fame for people who are in support. Has nothing to do with my teaching but all about the entertainment that I provide on stream and is completely optional. (And no it does not need to function like a real game! but the viewers can definitely play it like a real game just without capturing and komi.)

Yeah it is suppose to be a “thanks” because people generally just donate bits to say thank you without any real thing that I can offer them so I think a board that allows them to feel like there contributions will be remembered is a good place to start. I could just do “leaderboards” like everyone else but I want to go the extra mile. My stream is definitely about going the extra mile in making sure everyone is having fun and getting something in return for there contributions I do my own art and try very hard to make sure I am communicating with the audience. I am not sure if this is the best idea but it was something I came up with.

To your second message I don’t mind sharing it with the other go streamers but naturally it was definitely intended for my stream. I love giving back to the go community.

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That would be funny (and profitable) though, since it might give incentive to some users to prank other users out of the board, by capturing their donation (of course by donating more to place more stones themselves :wink: )


To the extent that the problem is the length of a string that must be displayed inside a stone on the board, an obvious solution is for the software to draw a line from the stone to a name for the stone, that is, a label for the stone, that appears to hover over the board or be displayed outside of the board. That isn’t too hard to program, but if there are many stones with many names, it will be an interesting optimization to draw the lines clearly without any crossings, either as straight lines or possibly as curves. I once programmed something similar, and it was fun.