Go themed playlist game (songs that should be about Go)

Hi and Happy new year.

Lets make a Go themed playlist!

I often play a type of music game with my friends where we try to think of songs that fit a specific theme or topic and I thought it might be fun to have a go thinking about songs that fit the theme of Go.

Songs must be related to Go in someway, either through, Title, Band, or even just a specific lyric.

If it is not obvious why the song is not Go related please explain your choice. Especially if it is a specific lyric.

I’ll start,

‘Connected’ by stereo Mc’s

It has the lines …

‘Something ain’t right
I’m gonna get myself
I’m gonna get myself
I’m gonna get myself connected
I ain’t gonna go blind
For the light which is reflected
I see thru you, I see thru you
I see thru you, I see thru you
Ya dirty tricks
Ya make me sick
I see thru you
I see thru you
I’m gonna do it again
I’m gonna do it again

If thats not about Go then I dont know what is!


Maybe merging with the SSHitList?


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collega, de Cubilario non loquere ΨΨΨ
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Maybe with some imagination Eye of the Tiger by Survivor


‘Live and let die’ by Paul McCartney.


Shhh, that’s super secret!

How about GoGo Penguin, clearly a band that should be in this list, with their name containing Go twice as well as a Black & White bird. They have a video about black stones (CW: some flashes around 3:15 into the video)

In my opinion, not their best composition, which should probably go to this one:


I just discovered this one, unfortunately the song isn’t great but it’s so clearly about Go that I feel it should be on the list.
It’s called ‘all I want to do is poke your eyes out’


When two tribes go to war
A point is all you can score


May I add a whole band? :grin:
Their name is “OK Go” and they have a lot of incredibly funny videos.

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Silverchair - Pure Massacre

Just replace “people” with “groups”, and you get a song about Go.

People dying for no reason at all
Age is no difference or if you’re large or small

Families been torn apart
Doesn’t have to be this way
Some people just have no heart
It’s happening every day
Pure massacre

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…Won’t be my fault
When you’re painted in the corner of a no-good life…

…Never had peace so I had to fight
Can you look in my eyes when my back’s against
The wall, slash at my eyes, surprise, you’ll never get me…