GO TTRPG Looking for DM

So, I’m just wondering, is the idea that it would be related to Go? Like the story following some kind of Go journey (that one Go comic I forgot the name of springs to mind) or regularly featuring Go puzzles and such?

(just out of curiosity, unfortunately I have no time time to join any such endeavours in the near future either…)

I hadn’t really considered the possibility of a Go centered journey. I don’t know if I am experienced enough with Go to deliver such a journey. Though adding Go related puzzles could be worked out. I’d have to give it some though on how to implement them in a meaningful way. Otherwise it would be an unrelated TTRPG experience with Tsumego tacked on. I like the idea, but I think there would need to be a separate thread (if the players wanted to go this route) to try and jump start a meaningful approach to realizing this. It is definitely interesting :thinking:.


Take your pick: Go Comic Strips

Well, there’s other ways you can twist this idea. Spitballing here:

  • naming every single character after famous go players, perhaps reflect their playing styles in their personality
  • something creative with the beautiful names of patterns that go uses; “tiger’s mouth”, “monkey jump”, “elephant’s eye”, “ladder breaker”, “tombstone”, “crane’s nest” are all very visual to me. There’s even more in the translation of the various Asian terms, such as “flower viewing (hanami)”, “raccoon drumming his belly”. And of course there’s a lot of proverbs to explore.
  • There are other go puzzles than tsumego, such as optimal endgame or find the biggest move. Not sure if they make for good puzzles in a campaign though…

It was this one


So we had thought about go theming, but ultimately that would be up to the discretion of the DM.

Like with our Go diplomacy game, the idea was just to get a group of us go players playing, if it ends up being go themed, that’s just a bonus I guess.

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@mekriff, have you had any luck finding players, a group, a DM, or?

No new updates for the go campaign, unfortunately.