Go Variants (Group)

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Since there has been many go variant ideas I decided to start a group.

Each player PM’s or uses malkovich the referee for where they want to put a stone and the referee puts the stones on the board. If the players choose the same spot then no stones are placed and instead is marked with an X. No players can play this for the next turn. If the next turn is a collision, they still can’t play in the first collision. Only when the collisions are over, the players can play where the collisions happened. You can do suicide. If two stones are captured at the same time then all stones with all liberties filled are taken from the board.
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Territory scoring.

Hidden Stone Go
Each player PM’s or uses malkovich the referee to have “hidden” stones. The stones are “there” but the opponent won’t know where they are. After that, it is a normal game, except when someone makes collision. You can capture with it and the stone has to be revealed by a undo and pass. If white plays on blacks hidden stone, the hidden stone is revealed and whites stone is trashed and it is white’s turn.

King’s Rules
A normal game but each player can demand a stone placed by the other side X times. You cannot demand suicide.

The order is different.
This is a possible alternative to komi, as it is more “fair”. See Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) - YouTube
(No, actually see The Fairest Sharing Sequence Ever - YouTube)
Capturing rules

Every time you capture a stone, you get to play another move. I’m pretty sure there is a chess variant like that.

I only found this for multimove chess variants.

Again the group :

Variant games will be annulled

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First Tournament


@李建澔2 made a capturing rules tournament


This tournament is just a combination of the both the king rules and capture rules tournament.So if five of your stones die you need seven eyes to stay alive.Also these rules make you learn how to stay alive pretty well in my opinion.