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Great thread, I want more videos here, especially about analyses Pro games.



Thank you @S_Alexander :heart:️:heart_eyes::heart:



Ahahahah :smile:
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Do you mean Play more Go?


He he, this is quite a big topic.
There are quite a lot of videos. Now we must decide which ones are interesting :slight_smile:

And a better way to collect them is the present the collections, I mean the channels where these videos are posted. I tried three years ago to make a list of channels, and got big enough. And since then appeared more.

Here is the list. Is a post, is not in English, but since links matters, is not a problem. Can be a start for a fresh and more complete list. http://brailago.ro/7272


OGS is strange


I do not saw nothing strange on OGS till this video.

The strange thing is that my tab crashes when I try to open the topic. Never happened till you added the video. I mean to crash while reading this topic. And it happens only in Firefox, both versions, regular and Nightly. But is ok if I open the video directly in Youtube. Since dwyrin had problems with his computer, I assume it was a bug or a virus that left some marks in the video, and firefox cannot handle them while is under OGS settings.

So yep, something is strange and I need to change my browser while answer to this topic.


In this clip from League of Legends is a Go sequence. There is anybody who knows more about it? There are more Online games that contains Go, but I will mention them in separate post, in dedicated threads.



Player almost plays out of order at 28m40s. This is really old, but a very interesting channel. Still familiar voices though.


Another piece of history. Looking at how many go projects failed, it’s surprising OGS survived.


I’m a bit confused. Was the Play More Go project considered a failure? It seems that they achieved their fundraising goal, and then there are four movie trailers (as shared above). Was it that some of the extra perks not delivered?


You tell me, you follow go for much longer than I do. :stuck_out_tongue:
It doesn’t have very successful feeling to it. 8000 dollars and what was the result? Four trailers in which go is hardly even main topic. Remember, original goal is to promote go. How many people who didn’t know about go before will even figure out that these trailers are about board game?

Reddit links:


Oh, well, a board game played by gorgeous women! :thinking:

Maybe next step could be hentai-go? :grin:

No, wait, there must be before some videogame-busty-CGI-chick-go, I suppose. :crazy_face:


Depends how you look at it. $8000 is just not a world-changing amount of money, so if just a few dozen people found about go from the movies, maybe that’s enough ?

That said, personally the movies make me cringe a little :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, for chess, there are some fairly successful female streamers

But we all know eye candy isn’t gonna make people play more, so I’m not sure if that helps. I think our best shot is to siphon off chess players. Start an outreach program.

“Tired of chess? We can help.”


Oh ok, I see that you mean that they just weren’t very good. I agree, some of those videos are particularly cringetastic. Well, at least they delivered something and it’s not like a kaya.gs situation.


I did try it, chess players make awesome go beginners as they usually like to read and may rather quickly become interesting opponent.
The main drawback is they tend to come back to their first love, it’s hard to overpass the years playing chess with your pa or your brother, I do understand that too.