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You tell me, you follow go for much longer than I do. :stuck_out_tongue:
It doesn’t have very successful feeling to it. 8000 dollars and what was the result? Four trailers in which go is hardly even main topic. Remember, original goal is to promote go. How many people who didn’t know about go before will even figure out that these trailers are about board game?

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Oh, well, a board game played by gorgeous women! :thinking:

Maybe next step could be hentai-go? :grin:

No, wait, there must be before some videogame-busty-CGI-chick-go, I suppose. :crazy_face:

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Depends how you look at it. $8000 is just not a world-changing amount of money, so if just a few dozen people found about go from the movies, maybe that’s enough ?

That said, personally the movies make me cringe a little :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, for chess, there are some fairly successful female streamers

But we all know eye candy isn’t gonna make people play more, so I’m not sure if that helps. I think our best shot is to siphon off chess players. Start an outreach program.

“Tired of chess? We can help.”


Oh ok, I see that you mean that they just weren’t very good. I agree, some of those videos are particularly cringetastic. Well, at least they delivered something and it’s not like a kaya.gs situation.


I did try it, chess players make awesome go beginners as they usually like to read and may rather quickly become interesting opponent.
The main drawback is they tend to come back to their first love, it’s hard to overpass the years playing chess with your pa or your brother, I do understand that too.


Laura Croft Go-Raider


Another old one. Back from before I even started to play. So it’s new to me.


Good way to show inner feelings of players during the game. Doesn’t this look better as go advertisement compared to “Play more go!” ones?


I think this one is about inner feelings too. Unfortunately is not translated. I mean is translated from German in Coreean, which is the worse than untranslated.


Oof. Too much pathos for my liking.

Since I was asked what the picture is about, here comes a short summary.
As a German native speaker with no idea of Korean I had to rely on the German subtitles of K’s thoughts. I had the suspicion that sometimes he / she was mixed (son / daughter) and that the subtitle translation as a whole wasn’t too reliable.

A young German (G) and an older Korean (K) professional player have a game of Go. Not a single word is spoken between the two for the whole film. Just their thoughts are verbalised from the off. During the game both players think about the game (obvious) and aspects of their lives and parallels between their lifes and the actual game they are playing. The German guy starts confident, the Korean guy with a lot of self doubts. In the end K got his self confidence back. G makes the decision to become a professional Go player in Korea and hopes K would teach him while K ponders about the endurance and fighting spirit of G and thinks that he could become G’s Go teacher.

Minutes - Chapter

01 to 13 - Opening
Thoughts of the two players about the developing game.
K thinks that the online playing leads the different playing styles to adjust to each other.
G starts to think he can win and be a Korean professional.
Korean guy ponders about how strong is opponent is and that he needs some good ideas to beat his opponent.

14 to 27- Start of the battle
Both players ponder about the invasion in the top right corner and the other battle grounds.
G starts to have some doubts but keeps on thinking that offence will bring him victory.
K is getting more confident and thinks defensively.
At the end of the chapter with white’s move in the middle, G is really doubtful and K is confident.

28 to 40: Haengma
K thinks about his daughter who stopped playing Go after his divorce. Go doesn’t mean anything to him anymore after his daugher stopped playing. He thinks it is all his fault.
G knows he has to run with his group. In opposition to K’s thoughts he thinks that K never makes any mistakes.
While G keeps on thinking solely about the game before him, K philosophes about Ying and Yang, battles and peace, destiny, etc and draws conclusions about parallels between Go and life.

41 to 57: Fight for victory
Both players think about the game, where to profit, where to defend, where to connect, etc.
K is getting more and more confident, G more and more doubtful.
G wishes he could become a pro in Korea and would even neglect college for it.
G starts to think about his former female Go teacher who went back to Korea some when in the past and he makes plans to go to Korea, study Go there and meet her again.

58 to end: End game
The game is culminating and both ponder about who will win. G sees his territory dwindle, K gets more confident with every move and starts to think, that he isn’t that old yet and can get back to his former strength and his wife.
K distances himself more and more from his former obsession with Go.
G comes to the conclusion that he wants to become a professional Go player in Korea, K notices G’s toughness in this game and ponders about teaching G in Korea.
K wins by 2.5 points.

P.S.: While watching I loathed the underlying music all the time. :wink:

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Psst. Want some NHK videos?

Ke Jie slapped himself in byo-yomi, at 6:6:30
You can also see professional way of picking up captured stones at 6:02:00

Edit: times got messed up for some reason


I’d rather play with PJ. Ke Jie seems like such an annoying opponent.

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Russian news video about opening a local go federation branch in Yakutia.

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