Gocaine Boardgame

This isn’t a theme I would have gone with, but here it is…

GoCaine is a multiplayer Go game in which 2 to 6 players compete to build the most lucrative cocaine trafficking network. GoCaine uses area control mechanics from the ancient game of surrounding stones known as Weiqi in China, Baduk in Korea, and Go in Japan.


how does it work

Give me inspiration for a nargoplanet one.

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GoCaine is a game of both area control and of logistical and economic efficiency. Deploy multipurpose security cells to gain control of territory. Use your territories to buy, ship, or sell your product. Build smuggling pipeline infrastructure so you can move more product more quickly to more locations. Buy political influence to help protect your shipments from interdiction operations and to utilize law enforcement to disrupt your opponents’ supply lines.

On your turn, you:

  • Choose 1 action (either: buy/build, transport product, or sell product).
  • Then deploys 1 cell (i.e. 1 Go stone)
  • at any point during your turn or during an opponent’s turn, a player may launch a Task Force Interdiction action to seize an opponent’s product. This is a probability based roll of two six-sided dice, adjusted by how much political influence the player has.

Territory is gained or lost using Go mechanics. In this regard, the game is an abstract game of strategic skill. Players who are able to control territory in more zones typically are able to then build a better economic engine to make money faster than their opponents.

The first player to reach $1 billion wins. Typically this happens at some point between 30 to 40 turns.

Whoever can move the most product the most efficiently and the most profitably will be victorious. Alliances can be made and broken throughout the game, making for lively player interactions.

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wow… bizarre… but also clever (& interesting) IMO.

  • Thanks for sharing!
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