GoKibitz Alpha — Kibitzers’ Heaven?

While I personally already have (most of) all I need on OGS, some of you might be interested in trying out the alpha version of GoKibitz, created by Nate Eagle who also writes this nice blog. I wish I had the time to check it out, but alas, I haven’t.


Quote from the GoKibitz Web site:

Move-by-move conversations about go games.
Social Game Reviews
Have you ever asked for comments on a game you’ve played, then had to wade through paragraphs of “at move 150, maybe you should have considered c9…”?
GoKibitz lets people comment on individual moves so that it’s easy to have specific and detailed conversations about game records.

GoKibitz is in Alpha
That means there are going to be bugs, and lots of things that need improvement. But it also means you get to help shape the future of GoKibitz with your feedback!


If you want to give Nate Eagle feedback on GoKibitz you probably best do so in this L19 thread or in this Reddit thread, but if you want to tell whether you like it, I’d like to read it here, too.


@trohde: It was really generous of you to take the time to post this here. Not only do I appreciate your letting people know about GoKibitz, but because of your post I found out that two former college classmates of mine are mods here and play go.

Anyone who takes the time to check out GoKibitz should feel free to post feedback here: I’ll stay current with this thread. Thanks!


Cool website @cloudbrows! Will consider using this extensively. :smile:


Cool stuff, I will give it a try. :blush:


Thanks for the nice feedback, @cloudbrows :smile:

and this … is just SO cool, makes me happy, also because one of my main drives to do stuff on the net is to … help others to network and get connected! Also, nice to see you here now, too … I had done a search to see whether you’re on OGS already but couldn’t find an acct with those if your nicks that I knew.

Greetings, Tom


@cloudbrows: I am a co-founder of The Nova League, which is OGS’s first league since January 2015. You are cordially invited :smiley:


Just meddled a bit around on the website. Very solid piece of software. :blush:

Had fun browsing the various games, and I’m definitely going to recommend it to my Go friends!


Thanks very much for the invitation, @xhu98! I’m playing about as much go as I possibly can right now, I’m afraid, with GoKibitz development + fatherhood.


Thanks a lot for checking it out, @Francisa: there’s a lot left to do, but having people actually using it has given me great incentive and ideas, so everyone who’s used it is much appreciated.


Someone was asking recently about the benefits of using gokibitz.com to review games. I thought it might be useful to share some comments on this here, as to some new users the benefits might not be immediately apparent.

  • it gives each move a URL, which allows cross-referencing across kifus and sharing specific board positions on other sites
  • references to move numbers are automatically converted to hyperlinks
  • hyperlinks to gokibitz positions will post the whole board position as an image in Discord and possibly other sites as well
  • markup is supported
  • it enables offline / asynchronous reviews
  • if you upload an SGF with existing variations e.g. from OGS or KGS, these are included and shown on the board as letters.
  • it allows comments to be edited or deleted.
  • it allows comments to be browsed both in move order and in chronological order
  • it provides easy access to other people’s game reviews and shows what other people are commenting on
  • it notifies you when someone comments on a kifu that you have uploaded

Of course it has limitations and imperfections - it says “Alpha” on every page. Even so, it is a very useful site and I recommend it.

If there is anything I have missed, feel free to comment :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve not used GoKibitz before, but those features sound awesome! I wonder if we could implement any of them here… :thinking:


I got my 6,000th GoKibitz star today! It was from @engin1637e – thanks!

I’m the first person / blue feline hexapod to reach that milestone, only narrowly beating gennan to it.

My first game on GK is dated to 26th October, 2018, which was 947 days ago.

With that date in mind, we can do some maths: 6000 / 947 = ~6 stars / day.

<3 <3 to my fellow reviewers like gennan (5948★), tuerda (5145★), Yossarian (4781★), Ovapureiya (1879★), tesushi (964★), Berrett (603★), and every other commentor.

If we estimate that 25% of these stars are duplicates, and we take three quarters of the total, then the equation

(6000 + 6000 + 5000 + 5000 + 2000 + 1000 + 500) x 0.75

gives us

25500 x 0.75 = 19,125

suggesting that at least around 20,000 useful comments have been provided.

We all did great!



I think GK lost or abandoned a lot of data at some point this year.

Many of the old games seem to be missing…