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I recently graduated from Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Bootcamp and am currently looking for a dev job (shameless plug: If you know anyone hiring junior devs in Chicago area or remote hit me up).

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking for an open source project to contribute to. I love OGS, and would be thrilled to join the dev team as a regular contributor :slight_smile: What better way to give back than to help develop and maintain features, right?

I submitted my first pull request for the game history table update and thoroughly enjoyed the process. It was a great way to begin familiarizing myself with the codebase and how the app works. I was hoping some of the current team could point me to some good first issues to work on. Preferably some of the more simple ones so that I can continue to familiarize myself with the app while closing out a few issues.


Thanks for your great work on the game history table - I hope that PR gets through.

I’m longing for the analysis tree to show me where the passes were. This is probably a feature that only moderators would really benefit from, but it would be a real time saver. Possibly not simple, I admit (or I’d have done it :smiley: )

Very simple would be the recent suggestion that on the first turn of a game that started without a person accepting it (tournaments and ladders) the trophy icon in the top right of the dock should be highlighted to make it clear to the player that this is what happened.


If a game has free handicap stone placement, the handicap stones are present in the game tree, but are not present in the AI review data. This leads to a miss mach of the move numbers in both views. It should be relatively easy to correct this.

The code searching the top 3 moves is


And then there’s this !


Unfortunately I beat you to the scene by a few months, and promptly stole all the baby tickets :laughing: between you, flovo, and Eugene, I’ll be lucky to get anything in from now on :wink: welcome, good luck, and have fun!


Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Something you may find a nice place to start is simply scrolling through the issues list and keeping an eye out for things that either trigger within you “I could do that” or “oooh… I’d really like that”

Ultimately, as volunteers, they’re basically the only two reasons we submit PRs anyway :wink: but checking the existing issues is a nice place to start… then eventually you’ll start creating your own internal list :slight_smile:


I should start to externalise this list again. I feel like forgetting half of it, but maybe they’re gone for good reasons.

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