Google's recent interview with the legendary Lee Sedol 8 years after AlphaGo

Even though he has retired, Lee Sedol is still, and will always be a legend in Go. He was the first and the only person in history to have ever beaten AlphaGo in an official game. In this interview held 8 years after AlphaGo appeared, he talks about the games against AlphaGo and his thoughts on AI in general. He is also asked the intriguing question of whether he would choose Go if given a choice again. Some answers may be surprising!


Watched it a few times. Thanks for sharing it here!

What i noticed is

  • donโ€™t study early with AI. Wait to get some basis.
  • Lee gave up his pro career. Same time he find pro go is less enjoyable as before AI but more for amateur because mostly of the availability of a strong player home.
  • He was not well prepared, put his best in the 2d game but was stoned after 3 losses. The 4th saved his face, with a little help of the public and his young sister.
  • Then a bunch of comments on AIs and humanity leading to him applying to work with google (that part interested me much less.)

So Iโ€™d say AI itself stopped his go carrier by making it less interesting.


On the contrary I found it funny that even though AI kind of took away his career, he himself is very interested in AI to the extent that he even wants to work in that field lol.

Another thing to note is that Lee Sedol thinks Go is a form of art but now people are just looking for standard answers. This topic itself is worth a lot of discussion :laughing:


Where? We have similar conclusions.

I invent crazy fuseki myself and then use AI to learn how to use these openings.


You said it interested you much less haha

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