any one knows whats up with I get 404 from today morning (was working yesterday for sure).

Were there any infos posted prior to downtime that I missed?


Same. I didn’t catch anything, but there may have been.

I have feared this day for a long time… seems to not have been maintained for a long while and the forums are rather stale.
The maintainer may have lost interest.

I am so sad about this. I just got up to 1000 solved problems, but now i have to go back to actually playing Go.

Perhaps creating a similar page if go-problems stays down will be my next project.

I was considering buying the 1-year subscription. How a site can not be maintained and accept payments? What about all those people that have an active plan?

I think the payment stuff is automated.
But i seriously doubt that they will renew the subscriptions unless the site goes back up.

I have actually a "pro"account but i strongly doubt that they will continue to charge it.

Does anyone know a good alternative? The site was/is (?) simply great. I really liked that the problems were kyu rated and that I could choose for e.g. only to do tesuji problems roughly my level that I didn’t see before. It also worked relatively well on a smartphone. And the problem base was huge.

Just a suggestion for those who can’t wait for site activation like me: there are sites that will email you when webpage changes (for free).

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I agree. was, even though flawed in some ways, a great page.
I have a big issue with solving go problems otherwise, I tend to be to quick and just try a move before reading it out completley. When your rank takes a hit if yu dont solve it on the first try it really helped me to focus.

And having a rank that changed as you goot better really makes it more fun.

If GoProblems does not go back up soon, I’ll start working on my own.

The OGS puzzle (Why they named it that i do not know) is nice but it’s not the same thing.

I’ve just emailed the author about it, we will see if he replies anytime soon.

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There’s some hope :slight_smile:

I’ve recieved reply from site author, that he’s already working on it and the site should be back up soon.


I breathe a sigh of relief.

Its back :slight_smile: