GoU Look for OGS

So I’m curious if someone would be willing to make a look like this for OGS as a prototype to see how it feels and if people would like it. In my opinion I think it would be more useful.

This second snap even shows games being opened in the same window as a tab. I think this look has a lot of potential.

With that being said I think a prototype to test and get feedback would be ideal before investing too much in to it.

This is just a thought for any interested. I’m not good enough with html to do this myself or I would. If you want to discuss it further I would love to chat about it. (I’m Clossius everywhere)

What specifically is the thing you want about this?

We already have an active games page that is like the top half of your first page, and a chat that is like the bottom half, and the pages where a game is played themselves already look more or less like this.

It looks more like a KGS skin for OGS

Edit: Oh it actually is some kind of kgs client being screenshot - that makes sense.

Regarding the first screenshot (and obviously it is only my opinion), I would hate that immediatelly :smiley: I do not see the appeal at all and it would be a LOT of work to completely redo The whole style of OGS into that.

However, I can understand the second screenshot if we are talking about reviews where one is expected to write or read larger ammounts of texts and also navigate the tree. We already had a discussion about the idea here: [Solved] How to make right-col wider? There is a quick fix you can deploy locally to achieve the effect, but I would really be hoping for a sitewide implementation. Either someone takes it up, or I will finally hype myself enough to finally start contributing to the code as well once I gather some free time.


FWIW, since OGS’s API is open, the makers of GoUniverse are more than able to use their existing client to connect to OGS if they want to… so perhaps you should petition that of them :slight_smile:


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