Graphs for ladder

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a graph showing historical position on the ladder(s) ? Better ranking would of course be higher, and the scale would be centered around the values for any given user.

I paintbrushed what I have in mind using the ELO graph as a sample:

This would make following progress in the ladder a little bit easier … and much more fun :smiley:


I like that idea a lot!

We actually have this information stored we’ve just got to figure out where and how to show it. Old OGS had this really crappy graph that tried to show everyone which I don’t think we’d try to duplicate… but perhaps we could put it in your user information or on the ladder page for you.


That would be great.

I guess the profile page, on the statistics area would be the perfect spot.

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Does it exist in meanwhile or is there another way to follow my ladder movement (position over time).

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Not yet! Definitely something we’d like to get to though.