Great game! im 12kyu v 9kyu

I would have won but losses on time… really want to review this game and find out what I did right. Never did this good vs such a high rank. I killed 2 of his groups!

Please review thanks

Part of it is definitely what White did wrong, especially in dying with that northern dragon, but part of what I think that Black did pretty well was fighting for sente. I don’t mean that it’s easy for me to understand Black’s tactical choices as striving for sente sequences, but Black certainly seemed to be reading carefully in most areas and asking if an additional move would be all that important. Combined with some aggressive play which keeps the value of moves elsewhere on the board quite valuable, Black was able to realize some significant gains which contributed to the win on the board. Some part of that thinking probably also contributed to the loss of time, however; you may not be as efficient in finding the status of groups as you’d hope.