Grid turning white as stones are played

for a day or so now, i have been seeing white gridline invaders.

it seems to happen regardless of whether i am playing, observing, or in a demo board.

the board starts out as all black gridlines, and as stones are played, the grid under the stones turns white. but not always, it seems.

in an existing game, going backwards in the game history or making variations will make the white gridlines appear as each stone is highlighted as the last move. but not always again.

in some correspondence games, the higlighted move and all intersections following it (going left to right, top to bottom) are turned white.

i am using chrome 101.0.4951.41 on android 11

edit: possibly relevant settings - i am using dark mode, a custom board, and variation stone transparency of 1.0

some screenshots to explain it better than i can


it has something to do with the custom board. with it turned off, everything is normal.

but i have had that board for months and this only started in the last few days

here is the board.


That’s very strange. There have been no changes to the rendering system recently, I suspect Chrome broke some canvas stuff again given the nature of how that appears to be manifesting (specifically, we don’t redraw half the board like in the top image. At times we’ll redraw the whole board, left to right top down, but it’s all with the same color parameters so one would expect it to be all white if it was something in our code)

I’ll try and reproduce it on my end and see if there’s something we can do to work around the issue.


I had same issue some day ago while fiddling with colours for stones and board.
I don’t know exactly what started it, but it seemed to be connected with stones colour.

I’ll try to reproduce it as well

Edit: I can’t reproduce it now.
I believe it had something to do with custom grid colour combined with custom stones colour combined with dark theme… but I can’t bring it back now.
In my case the white grid was always after the position of last move. Something like the marker for last move was bleeding into the grid in a top-left to bottom- right direction just like the first and second pictures provided by @mafidufa

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yes, this is the same thing. it’s still happening, i’ve gotten used to it.

it doesn’t happen if i don’t use the custom board