GroinÂą in books corner đź“š

Hello everybody!
With a consistent chinese books collection I feel like i could share a bit​ together regularly, on your request and according to your level.
The idea is to give you a position, let players discuss and then see what is in the book a few days later.
Here a few suggestions as example:
A tesuji
A yose
A middle game
A ko
A brilliant move in a pro game
A old classic problem

Any request very welcome (please with the level desired)
What do you think?

Note: Âą groin=pig nose in french
​I will provide a demo board that you can use to share ideas.
You can use the thread and post there too. If you think your idea is 100% sure you can use the hide the spoiler tool in your post.
By fairness i will restrain to participate myself besides hints if i feel them interesting.
At disclosure of the solution l’ll give as much as i can infos (like the complete game record, or different variations etc… )


I’d be mostly interested in tesuji and middle game, but anything is fine.

Concerning the level, anything that may be challenging but not impossible to find for a kyu player is fine for me.


I usually prefer tesuji and middle game as well, but “a brilliant move in a pro game,” sounds really interesting.


A few days ago, i put a list of the books in another post which may help for your suggestions.

List not exhaustive, with translation of the titles in english and french.

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GBC- 1

demo here.
White to play.

In the game white play C6 but the author thinks there is locally a more subtle way to play.

Will you find it?

An once of hint: this is not about complicated and deep reading so i guess a mid sdk could have a try already. (My guess)


Probably b6, I dunno.
P.S. as for the suggestions, I am interested in the collection of all void games (4 kos)

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Sorry I don’t understand your request. If it comes from a book, maybe you can give me the number from the list?

GBC-1 First part of the answer. âš  spoiler

White push and cut .
If black go to sacrifice his two stones with A then white takes a good bunch of points in sente.
That is not very satisfactory for black.

So, black turn at C5 instead to capture white cutting stone.

So here we are, at the next step for white. Find a nice placement here.


There are some suggestions in the demo (just in case you don’t miss them).
Everyone welcome to participate, i gave the first moves in the spoiler but there is still a bit more to find!

Final placement (and spoiler)

C9 is the ultime placement making miai A or B

I’ll be back tomorrow for the next position, and until then waiting for your suggestions.

Hope you liked this one (from a Go Seigen game)


I can appreciate the solution, but I find whole board positions pretty tricky…



White has 39 “solid” points and 28 “potential” points = 67 points total

Black has 26 “solid” points and 60 “potential” points = 86 points total

All of black’s potential points are in that larger area, and white loses if he doesn’t reduce the larger black area because if he takes one move to solidify the top left, then black solidifies the large area. The proverb is

invade one move before it becomes solid

And in all honesty, I wouldn’t have seen the push and cut into the placement. I would have tried to expand the top and reduce black (L17), reduced in sente with B10 and B4, and tried and make it an endgame game and likely failed.

It’s really hard to tell when a moyo is “one move away from being solid”, which is why I try and prevent things from getting out of hand in the opening. It works for me but it’s not ideal.


No wonder we can’t find the solution if it’s supposed to be better than Go Seigen’s move… Anyway the point is not necessarily to find the solution right away but to spark reflection and discussion, so that we appreciate the solution better.


First time i saw it i loved that combo, cut for aji then C9.

C9 especially because without the book i would have focused rather on C8 for ex which sounds more natural shape. But C9 follow up is pretty efficient with not difficult follow up It’s like you just had to have tried it.


Here i recorded the full game. In fact this could be the second most famous game of go (second to the ear reddening move game of Shusaku)

Links to some more comments in SL

The book (18 of my favorite games by Go Seigen)

GBC- 2

Special DDK

First, let’s practice closing the last boundaries and losing the less possible points.

Black to play, try to find the right order to finish the game. Give the score. (Japanese rules, don’t forget the komi 6.5)
(You can give here a screenshot and the score after using this demo )

Second is 4 problems aimed at more advanced DDK. Black to play in each problem

demo here

Debates are welcome (please use the spoiler tool) here too.
Have fun!


Good thing to vary levels. The first problem is indeed accessible for everybody including DDKs, the second problem requires basic tesuji training, so is hard for players much weaker than 10k. Both problems are not obvious for SDKs either (can’t be solved in 3 seconds) so are good practice.


I don’t think so , this kind of help is not really necessary because it’s very short reading. Sort of really trying to read without any training (try consider as much possible starting move as you can, check liberties…)
The upper left is the most difficult with a longer sequence but if you keep the goal it’s doable.

Now let see if it’s too hard, i ll give an easier shot next time, promised.

No answer yet? If DDKs are reading this, don’t be afraid to share your failed attempts.

Let me try problem 2, top left. I hope I didn't get it wrong.

My first attempt was this:

However White may answer 2 at 3 and this leads to a ko.

So Black may try to cut directly

White may not answer 2 at 3, otherwise we are back to diagram 1.
Black shouldn’t play 7 at B11, otherwise White plays 8 at A11 and this leads to a ko.

A little hint for problem 2, top right:

The corner group is locally dead, since it’s an L group. To save it, Black needs either to capture surrounding stones or to connect to the outside.

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I’d advise to search the 2 problems down first (for DDK players). In a few moves the endgame problem covers very common situation and is doable even by a lower DDK.