Group game against RoyalLeela

Hey all! We’re playing a group game against RoyalLeela! One move per day. Vote for your move in game comments. I’ll make a move once every day in the afternoon/evening (Pacific time).

We’re ignoring obvious troll suggestions, like move 1 - A1.

Votes for moves that are symmetrical will be counted as votes for the same move and then I’ll pick one at random.

You should type in your final vote like “Final Vote: Q16”.

That way, you can all more easily discuss options before casting your final votes.

Hope to see you there! Tell your friends to come and vote!

When it comes time for the move, I’ll be playing the move with the most votes - even if it’s a bad one! I encourage everyone to take this seriously, discuss with others, and let’s try to play our best game against RoyalLeela!



Wouldn’t it be better to have exact deadline, so players would know how much time left for discussion?

I’m not always sure what my schedule / availability for go will be every day, but maybe if I get someone to help me I can do an exact deadline every day.

For today, we’re going to make the move in about 15 mins.

Posting to try and remind myself about looking into setting up an automated method to handle this. It’s definitely doable from the API.


Aiming for the next move at 5pm Pacific today

Huge thanks for player sulai for making this automated script for counting votes!

It will catch anyone who says “vote” or “final vote” and add their vote to the total vote count.

I’ll be using this every time! :slight_smile:

So, the game chat logs have become very laggy in this game.

The working theory is that this is due to the amount of talk that’s going on (yay for lively discussion!).

Is that a correct assumption, and if so, does anyone have a recommendation for how to better accomplish this?

Any OGS programmers / people with inside knowledge able to provide some insight? @anoek or @matburt maybe?


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Ooph, yeah i think that’s actually on the client side. I suspect we’re doing a whole lot of extra work re-rendering things when a new chat comes in, and it’s just piling up. I’ll see if I can make that suck a little less. hmm, might not be on the client side, looking into it.


OK the chat issue has been resolved, enjoy!


Super awesome! Thank you @anoek!

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Nice, can I learn with u guys?