Group join request notification hidden forever

I’m teaching students at a school how to play Go and using a group to organize them. They requested to join, but the notification to allow them to join on my end isn’t showing up. When they try to request again, it says they already have a request pending. Also, the link isn’t working and says “Page not found.” Am I missing something? Thanks!

Just FYI, you can also invite users to the group.

I looked at your account MrGustafson but it seems that you’re not a member of any groups. You can only admin groups your account is a member (and admin) of.

I am the admin according to my own view:

Yea, I suppose that’s what “hide group details” does. I also suppose if you actually wanted to keep group membership anonymous, you should avoid joining that group’s ladder. :slight_smile:

@anoek Perhaps it would be wise to hide (to the public) people’s affiliation with any ladders taking place in private groups? And conversely, to hide the ladder details on the group page? This way I can easily tell who’s a member of that group.

That aside… no idea then. Do your students see an invitation from you if you invite them?

For at least 5-6 students, the blue button on the group page “Request to Join Group” is blue, but when they click it, it says they already have a pending request.

I set the membership to private since there are privacy issues because they are students. Do I need to set the group to public in order to see the admin page?

Well the admin page (as far my experience goes) is simply the page you see when you click on your group (e.g. on your “Home” screen). I don’t know of any other admin panels. Then again I haven’t done much group admin work besides inviting people and sending out group notifications. :slight_smile:

You can invite and kick people via the list on the right-hand side.

@MrGustafson However, invite requests only show up in your notification feed so maybe you want to visit your “Home” page to double-check you didn’t miss any. If nothing shows up (and your students also can’t see your invitations), I’m out of ideas. :3

There should be a notification at the top right menu (for some reason it’s not on the home page)

Edit: I just found out one can reomove the notification by clicking on the small X. After there is no notification anymore but the request isn’t cancled. If the user tries again to join the message is shown
If one tries to invite the user after that, this also fails:

This looks like a bug @anoek

(I tested this on the beta server)


Yes, normally the requests appeared in the notifications drop-down window, but there aren’t notifications now and I can’t find a place to see any pending requests anywhere else either.

Oh, also, I did try having them verify their emails and then re-request in case that affected anything, but it didn’t. I also had them try clearing the computer cache/cookies (and I did as well) to log in clean, but still nothing changed, so I’m suspecting it’s something on OGS’s end rather than my 10-year-old lab computers :smiley:

Also, I did try to manually invite students to the group, but I got the “pending invitation already exists” error doing it that way too. Maybe a flag didn’t get reset?

Yeah, the mistake is not on your end, and appologies about the trouble! Seems to be quite the catch22.

Also thanks @flovo for the research, that helps :slight_smile:

I have also asked anoek to have a look, but if you need it fast before he has the time to do something about it, two options spring to mind. Either just edit the group and make it public. If you all have the class at once, you can (obviously) change this just for the minute needed for them to join. And even if you don’t I would not worry too much about random people joining - plus you can always kick them afterwards.

The other option - if it is just a couple of students who made the account only for this occasion, they could of course just create another account - not yet affected.

And for those of you kind enough to test it (to save you time) - no, changing the group settings does not reset the flag unfortunately

Thank you thank you! I’ll be patient! OGS is a fantastic tool - the new “Learn to play Go” page was a great way to teach them the fundamentals.

There is a similar problem with tournament invitations. If I send an invitation to Fred and he closes the notification without accepting or declining, there is no way for him to recall the invitation. Also I cannot reinvite. I get a message similar to the one you showed:


If both people are online at the same time then it is possible to do a workaround by changing the tournament to ‘open’ and then back to ‘invite only’ after they have joined.

This problem has significance for any tournament like Ladder Legend where people qualify for an invitation.

The simplest solution I can think of would be to remove the small (x) closing option from notifications that have a Yes/No option.


Or meanwhile, make the group public and after all the relevant people have joined, make it private and kick people who don’t belong there.

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