Ladder Legend 9x9 - 2019


Ladder Legend 9x9 - 2019

Starting 31st January 2019


I’m a HUGE fan of the 9x9 format because players of significantly different strengths may still contest on equal terms. One slip, one careless moment and the tide of battle is turned in this wonderfully unforgiving environment. So let us celebrate that volatility with an equally volatile tournament. Eight of OGS’ best, drawn from the site-wide ladder into a single-elimination. No second chances. Eight will dream of glory. One will go on to become a “Ladder Legend”.

But the :star: stars :star: of the show are obviously our competitors, so introducing:

Three of whom are strong dans, falling into the catagory of either ‘irresistible force’ or ‘immovable object’, all with experience at the top of the ladder. Then we have five kyus, ranging from ‘almost-dan’ to one ddk. Ready to seize any opportunity, uncowed by the odds, fearless and worthy contenders all. Again, some with experience at the top, perhaps showing a capacity for upset wins.

If you are ever going to follow an OGS tournament, then here’s one to watch. The tournament format, which uses the ladder for its preliminaries, is nice and compact. There will be just seven games in total which should be concluded by the end of the year. @mark5000 has graciously agreed to provide some commentary at the end of each round, which I hope will assist spectators of all levels to a greater appreciation of the game.

I wish all those involved as entrants or spectators, good fortune and good Go. Enjoy.

Note: Please remember to be circumspect when observing ongoing ranked games.

Ladder Legend 9x9 - 2019

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I like the idea very much, hoping to join it later on 13 and 19 (I like less the 9 format as you do, my bad)


Forza Sofiam!!! :smiley: :it:


As long as it’s in a spirit of goodwill and friendly competition, lets take a look at who is represented:

:it: Italy :it: :dolphin:Sofiam::dolphin:
:singapore: Singapore :singapore: Sadaharu
:new_zealand: New Zealand :new_zealand: Vortex
:fr: France :fr: Niverolle
:slovenia: Slovenia :slovenia: zigah
:thailand: Thailand :thailand: pOngyBoy
:ru: Russia :ru: S_Alexander
:jp: Japan :jp: Thousand Rain

So I guess the obvious omissions from the world of Go are :cn: and :kr:. Maybe next year.

Yes, it is my intention to run Ladder Legend for all three board sizes next year if things go well with this inaugural event.


Next year :frowning: