"I remember..." game

Hmm, I’ve never heard that mentioned before…

It might have been around this time I got my first thousand stars on GoKibitz, but I have a feeling that was actually in 2018.

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I remember the start of the Multilingual Go Book https://www.gobook.eu/ project. I think.

I’m not sure exactly when it began, but @yebellz published his commentary thread Comments on the Multilingual Go Book Project in March, so I’ll just say “March”.

At the time, the author @JethOrensin wasn’t all that active on the forum, but later:


I remember when Ke Jie slapped himself on camera (Feb. 3, 2019).

Ke Jie slaps himself and throws stones in the air during a televised game : baduk (reddit.com)


I remember when @syoon revived the Guess Rank Game with his post Guess rank game - #144 by syoon, sometime in February.

The game had been on hiatus since August 2018. By the way, it’s currently on an even longer break, since last April.

This feels a bit dirty since your post was so early in the month, but eh.


FFS, can you believe that I said this:

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 8.14.37 am


I remember when @Kosh launched the Ladder Legend 9x9 tournament starting January 31, 2019, featuring guest commentary by me.


Hmm, we missed the birth of the two youngest servers, the Variant Go Server and the Color Go Server.

I did reference the former, at least.


They grow up so fast :cry:


Yeah I too tried to get CGS in and missed the opportunity. That’s one of the reasons I proposed the alternative game/rules :smiley: .

I remember when Shin Jinseo became World #1. I think he overtook Ke Jie, but Park Jungwan might have been the one in the position at the time.

Since I don’t know exactly when it happened, let’s use the date of this Nick Sibicky lecture, which was posted on 11th December 2018.

Shin Minjun reached the front of the pack a little later, completing what might be called the “Big Four” of current professional Go.

Ah, in 2020 we missed spicydragon Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS achieving a thousand simultaneous correspondence games.

Let’s make sure we don’t miss the first professional–professional game played on OGS, though I’m not sure exactly when it was. We probably missed some Europro milestones already~


It was December 2018 actually :slight_smile:
The positive thing is that most of the issues mentioned in that topic have been improved upon. (still no universal hyperlinked table of contents though)

I remember that around November 2018 I had found Yunxuan Li’s channel which had some amazing real board videos, that have since, sadly, been wiped clean :frowning:
That was an awesome Go channel.


I remember when I got 77 likes for telling trigger-happy reporters to knock it off.

PSA concerning beginners - Announcements / OGS Announcements - Online Go Forum (online-go.com)

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The humble rank idea really was a gift of the gods.

Game ID 15,000,000 was generated in October 2018, but it was an annulled game so not worth citing. And it’s not like I remember noting the ID at the time anyway.

I think the first version of Lizzie came out in that month, but it might have been earlier.

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February 26, 2018

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Oops. Let’s not jump with that…

Also, September saw Nick Sibicky end his six-part My Robot Overlord series, which introduced his controversial habit of referring to Go programs as “robots”.

But I don’t remember that series, so I can’t cite it.

That reminded me of Nick Sibicky’s existential crisis, Jun 29, 2017


Hello GreenAsJade, welcome to our community! Nice to meet you for the very first time :slight_smile:



I remember the Go Creator’s Invitational, a tournament of streamers and youtubers held here in May 2018. I think there was an also an edition held in 2015; I wasn’t around at that time.

The jump feels a bit large but I tried my best. Yoonyoung’s video was published on the 21st.

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Not sure where to post this, but I only just realised that Pachi is a real bot.

I thought it was a character invented for The Empty Triangle ^^

Creator’s comments: In the time I’ve been occupied chiefly outside of the world of Go, it seems a veritable revolution has taken place in the area of computer Go :slight_smile: Poor Pachi stands no chance now against the big alphas leading the algorithm pack…