Group ladders don't seem to be sorting by rank correctly?

Do group ladders take a while to refresh? As you can see here it’s ranking my friend who’s a higher kyu above me. Just wondering what’s going on here. Thanks!

I believe you have to issue challenges and play ladder games for the ranking to change,
otherwise the 1st player to join the ladder will be at the top forever, followed by the 2nd player to join, etc…

Or, in other words, the ladder rankings do not reflect the kyu (or dan) level of players; they “only” reflect the results of games played within the ladder.

To start a ladder game, click the opponent in the ladder list and challenge him/her.


Interesting, I’ll try that instead, thanks! How does that work when you have bigger ladders and there’s a large upset? Does the person just fly up the ladder?

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Here the wiki entry about ladders:

@AdamR: I think you want to replace the screenshots


Fantastic, thanks!

Yep! Totally happens :slight_smile: it’s a really fun place to be a part of if you enjoy correspondence go :grin:

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