Group Tournaments

So I recently was trying out group tournaments to play with my chat on my live stream. (Twitch) The idea was inspired by popular Chess streams where they play with chat. We came up with a few conclusions.

1: Swiss isn’t exactly right, or so I’ve been told.

2: You can’t make the tournament unranked for a casual fun day.

3: While the tournament is very fun to play with chat, sandbagging becomes a problem unintentionally if you want to include people.

4: We may try mcmahon next time instead of swiss and change the settings to play people closer to your level.

As for compared to Chess. Chess have a tournament type called Arena. (This is how I understood it.) A sort of tournament where people can join or leave at any point. The pairings happen automatically once your game is finished and someone is available to play. The goal is to play as many games as you can within a tournament set time limit. (1-2 hours) Whoever has the most points at the end win the tournament.

I would really love to see an Arena type tournament format come out as I think it would be a great streaming format to play with chat. It is also very popular in the Chess streaming community and it would give us something to help the Chess players feel more comfortable in our community.

All in all, the stream was fun but I don’t think I could do it long term as a stream type. I want to include people who join the stream later and I didn’t like how much sandbagging I was doing. But with a few tweaks I think it could be a lot of fun to stream and would make groups a little bit more fun to use.



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