[Groups] German Group vs. Deutsche Gruppe — why?

Hello folks,

I just went through the groups I’m in, and I noticed that there are two German groups:

https://a00ce0086bda2213e89f-570db0116da8eb5fdc3ce95006e46d28.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/4.0/img/default-group-128.png German Group (group #23) with default icon and 102 members,
https://b0c2ddc39d13e1c0ddad-93a52a5bc9e7cc06050c1a999beb3694.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/be4d45d599a2563f696f98cd7136817c-128.png Deutsche Gruppe (group #143) with the proper flag but only ten members.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate to merge these two groups?

Greetings, Tom

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[quote=“LinuxGooo, post:2, topic:1059”]
nowadays everybody speaks English (less those who study the complexe game GO). So enough to have the ENG version.[/quote]
I strongly disagree, the German group should be in German, of course, since NOT everybody speaks EN — just think of our friends in the ex-GDR (Eastern Germany).

Also, what’s the raison d’être for a national group if that group’s language is the language of that country?

Regards, Tom

p.s.: BTW, it’s not “less those who study […] Go”, it is ”at least those […]” :wink: so much for us Germans speaking what we believe to be English :stuck_out_tongue: (pls note that I’m including myself here ;-))

Groups are managed by the community, so I think you should propose that to the respective groups’ admins.

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Mh… then … I guess I’ll just keep quiet and watch. I’m not prepared to let this become work.

Thank you, @flowing!