Hahn-System Scoring

do you plan to add Hahn-System scoring to Tournament? I think it make sense and make games more interesting.



PS I did few things in django - not sure if your stuff is open-source but if it is maybe I can help.


This is one of those things that would be best to put in our feature tracking system:

Personally, I don’t see a compelling reason to have it as an option to the other systems but if it got popular it’s something we can consider.

ok thanks for response.
Hahn system have one big advantage - motivate you to play till end and fight for every single point :slight_smile:

This scoring system is doomed from the start because it uses the exact game result (points count).

@yebellz gave a nice list of examples on why this is a bad idea over in the dan ranks thread: Time to make dan ranks weaker?

I’m shocked to learn that it was actually used in a real tournament.

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I am not sure :wink:
Here are results - there is quite few dan’s playing it.


I’d say the Hahn system is a rather exotic one.

That doesn’t say whether they played it because they wanted to use that specific system or because they simply wanted to play.

Basically what @Animiral and @matburt said: post it on uservoice and get some support for it. We won’t find the objective truth about how to count in a tournament without drawing complicated graphs here.