Handicap Game - If I didn´t make this mistake, would I have won?

Hi All,

This was one of my first handicap games where I gave stones to a stronger player. If you like to add your expertise and wisdom to this game - even a few moves - it is appreciated.

I made a game losing move on move 97. I think before this I was ahead.

The game - https://online-go.com/game/4133223

My questions are this - for very strong players - (1d above) - do you think I had a chance to ¨win this lost game¨ even after my mistake?

For stronger amateur players - before move 97, could I have played more strongly?

What do you think?

So, by my count, if, instead of 97, you atari and connect your group out, at this point in the game, even assuming that YOU get most of the key sente moves on the board (common in handi games), you’re still 10-15 points behind… and your opponent’s groups are, at this point, all solid except in the UR corner, where I only credit him w/ 10 points… you’re going to have to invade and capture something there to win… and that doesn’t seem feasible.

Handi games are tough, for all of us… because we feel behind and aren’t patient… in this game you lost because you focused a bit too much on one area at a time and got each of those areas too “settled”… in Handi games, you win by playing lightly, around the board, giving your opponent “choices”, and hope he’ll make consistently choices that lose him points or force him to become over concentrated defending small territories… you try to avoid letting him get “settled” shape, which means sometimes not having yours be settled… and you’re hoping that you’ll be able to pull things together in the end. :smiley: