Handicap is not calculating properly

The Handicap (auto) seems to be off in calculating how many stones handicap there are to give. In a match between 14k and 18k 5 stones handicap where given. It doesn’t relate only to this one match, but ocured a couple of times in different matches with different levels.

New record, 14 kyu vs. 18 kyu 6 stones difference. Wonder how the system calculates. Isnt 1 Stone one kyu, besides the first one which is komi?

I looked at your profile and couldn’t find any improper handicaps in the last few games. Remember that handicaps are based on the ranks for the time setting chosen and not on the players’ overall ranks.

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Well, I still cant explain how a game between a 14 kyu and an 18 kyu can have 6 stones difference? He must have been 21 kyu then in live games?! And just recently I entered a game with a 13 kyu live game and there was a two stone handicap?! I dont know, but i cant really understand the logic behind that

https://online-go.com/player/421910/ ; Here it is a live game 18 kyu and 13 kyu 5 stones difference

https://online-go.com/game/8589553 two stones handicap between 14 and 13

https://online-go.com/game/8569635 6 stones 13 against 18 (and i think i was even 14k to that time

First game they were 19k (live) and you were 14k (live). 5 stones.

Second game they were 15k (live) and you were 13k (live). 2 stones.

Third game they were 20k (live) and you were 14k (live). 6 stones.