Handicap mentioned in the games history (profile page)

So weird for me that the handicap is not mentioned in the games results history.

Let’s mention the handicap in the games history
  • yes
  • no
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Yes, but what should it look like (I mean, how should it appear, so that it is both understandable and not excessively space consuming)

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Well i hope it won’t take 100 posts to determine the fornat.

My suggestion is to add a column with an abbreviation like H3 for a 3 stones handicap and nothing for a no handicap.

Komi may not appear as being usually less important matter (for not cluttering too much). But we can open a poll on this too.


It’s so well established and agreed that OGS developers are crap UI designers that I wouldn’t dare start implementing this unless there’s a concrete design proposal to follow :wink:

My suggestion is to add a column with an abbreviation like H3 for a 3 stones handicap and nothing for a no handicap.

Now that we have a circle with a number in it for handicap on the game display, I suspect we should be consistent and use that here…


What is unclear in my proposal?

Between the column SIZE and the column NAME we add a column HANDICAP.

in this column we will have H1 or H2 or… to H9 when there is handicap or be kept empty when there is no handicap.

That’d be 2 characters wide + margins

There is no special consistency between the game page and the list of the games in history, i don’t know why something special should be introduced for handicap either.

Anyway I’m fine with other display proposals if a better design is at stake.


It’s perfectly clear.

I’m just not sure it’s “good”.

We have to wait for others to chime in to determine that.

IMO it should be compatible with how handicap is represented elsewhere, but I appreciate your argument that it does not need to be :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like H3, it’s standard in other non-OGS places too. I’d also prefer it to number in a circle on game page. Just because there’s some fancy unicode character doesn’t mean it’s better than simple old ascii: the H makes it more obvious what it means without hovering.


I’m torn. Aesthetically I prefer the number in the circle, but text is translatable.

Not sure if it is possible but what would be really nice is if the number in the circle was set by system language.

Well i guess it’s possible but much more difficult to program…

  • i prefer the format H3
  • I prefer the circle around a number
  • Whatever. Any will be fine.
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I’d like the handicap to be displayed inside the circle that shows the player color. I wouldn’t add another column.


Should this be considered with respect to allowing for listing of reverse komi in the same column, since that will hopefully be possible in the next ratings update, and technically handicap games already have -6.0 or -7.0 reverse komi by default, hence why handicaps are half a rank off?

In my view, the level of handicap is one thing, and the way this handicap was implemented is another (reverse komi, pre-played stones, free-placement stones).

Being mindful of not cluttering the game list too much, I’m fine with adding the former to the game list, but the latter seems more like details available in the game information page (alongside time setting, ruleset…).


But reverse komi is level of handicap, just at finer detail

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I love that it’s a multiselect poll, but there’s also an option for “both of the above”


Given the plans to implement custom komi handicap and other variations,would the display need to show “effective handicap”? Or alternately an “effective rank” column next to the player’s rank column that shows the adjusted rank for that particular game. Games may not always be handicapped to 50/50 odds.


Yeah, but it seems one cannot actually vote for two checked options:

I had voted for “circle around a number” first, but then saw how many others had voted for “whatever”, and then I changed my mind because I actually want it to be easy (and quick) to implement in the first place, and “pretty for my taste” only in the second place.

So I undid my vote … but “vote” was only clickable when only ONE option was checked.


rank of user and opponent already shown. so it would be easy to understand if handicap is correct or not

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Ouf … mention of Komi … that should actually also be shown, no?

Give us checkboxen to show/hide certain columns :rofl:

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Handicap on small boards don’t follow now the simple rule of 1 level 1 stone. So i don’t find that obvious to determine the handicap from the ranks. besides there is no mention if handicap is used or not so you have to open each game to get that information.


checkboxes is an interesting idea to avoid cluttering (main argument to not include komi in the list).

I’m mostly afraid to ask too much from our dear benevolent programers here.