Handicap on 13x13 and 9x9?

I created one SWT handicap tournament, it is for standard board, 19x19. I am not sure should I make it for 9x9 and 13x13 too. I played few handicap games on these boards, and I am not sure that is fair game (especially on 9x9). Therefore, I don’t know are there people who would like to play in such tournaments (if there are, I will definitely make them). What do you think?

I would like for a 13x13 handicapped “live” tournament to be set up. The current system wide tournament is only “blitz” and there is no handicap which makes the game lopsided. I tried to set up a tournament by myself with the following handicap: difference in rank 0-3 then 0 stone handicap; 4-6 rank = 2 stones; 7-9 rank = 3 stones and 10+ rank difference = 4 stones. I think the results were awesome because I (12k) had very close games with a 23 k (giving him 4 stones) and also against a 1k (receiving 4 stones).

However, there is one thing I learned is that it is TOUGH WORK to set up a tournament! So I would appreciate a tournament that is system wide and occurs at regular intervals.

Thanks for your consideration!


If this uservoice suggestion can help you, you can vote for it :smiley: