Handicap value in game information


it shows “Handicap: None”

White has 7.5 of komi and there are two handicap stones.

There’s some bug here, no ?


No bug. Detailed discussion on why the handicap is what it is happened at some point in my cast with roy7 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/263523120?t=13m12s , can’t find the exact time right now but it’s in there and probably close to the linked time. :slight_smile: Something to do with the fact that LZ was trained on 7.5 komi and would always count 7.5 more points for itself, even if the actual value was 0.

Thank you very much.

Well, besides all those details you kindly tell me and I was aware of it by the way.

Or at least, I think I am ?

But I would expect the value to be one if two handicap stones and komi 7.5 Or does OGS put it always to 0 whatever the number of handicap stones is when White komi is custom ?

I don’t understand you why you talk of Leelzero when I’m questioning if there’s any OGS display bug ?

Don’t get offended if I’m rude in my formulation :slight_smile:

And I may not catching something …

Thanks !


Seems like handicap stones for that game were set by having white pass for it’s first move, which is actually pretty weird, because OGS allows both custom komi and any wanted amount of handicaps.
Note that setting komi into something else than “automatic” will render the game unranked every time.