Happy 2021 ogs

Happy 2021 good people of OGS, i hope everyone can have better and more enjoyable year than 2020 was!

Lets keep having fun and getting stronger together in 2021!


Happy new year! What are your specific go resolutions everyone? I need inspiration (i.e. something other than “do more tsumego”)


Happy new year everyone!

RE: resolutions, my intention this year is to learn from life’s lessons, worry less and listen to better me.


Happy new year to everyone with good health (above all) and happiness :slight_smile:

New year’s resolutions? Actually stick to the plans I am making and not have so many unforeseen things happen. Last year’s resolutions are still not yet done after all … in that regard, on some issues, I am still working on the list of 2011 :sweat_smile:


Happy New Year everyone!

Bit weird, my family has gone to bed already (all too sleepy after watching Groundhog Day), don’t think I’ve spent a New Year’s completely alone since… hmm… I guess I’ve never spent a New Year’s completely alone yet?

I’m planning to spend this year doing the same I do every year, I’m pretty happy (or rather, I’ve given up on trying to improve myself through resolutions, as they always fail, got to just play the cards that life has dealt me) :slight_smile:


Happy new year guys!

New year resolutions: get my graduation, get better at Go, take up Arabic.
And memes memes memes!


Happy New Year, everyone!

Arabic, eh? Interesting.

Languages I’d find it rewarding to learn are (in rough order) Latin (ongoing), Old Norse (semi-ongoing), Old English, Koine Greek, Italian, Sanskrit, and Standard Chinese.

I think this year I’ll aim to improve my Latin and bring my Old Norse and Old English to an intermediate level. Hopefully I can also study some basic Greek as well and a little Italian.


Happy New Year!

One resolution is to get more sleep, which I will start tonight by going to bed at a reasonable time, a couple hours before midnight.


Happy and healthy new year, awesome go players!
My resolution.? I’ll try to take care more on me in a way to stay alive, and meet people again too. Well going to be hard.


Good morning, good year!


Happy New Year.

I usually don’t make any resolutions for the new year. I find it better to make resolutions at any random moment when it makes sense to me.
And this year especially, I feel there is not much I can plan. The only goal I set for myself (a few weeks ago already) was to regularly do sports, even during a lockdown. That’s something I find hard enough…