Harry iii

Hello, everyone, I don’t know why no one comes to my tournament.

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I can’t help you

Can you provide a link for the tournament? If you advertised it here, you would likely find some people who want to join. What is your OGS name? I couldn’t find “harru_tsai”.

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I suspect he’s https://online-go.com/player/684380/harru%20tsai

However, this user is not in any tournaments currently and joined the server just 29 minutes before this post.


I think something is lost in translation here. I believe this person is asking why no one has accepted game challenges that they put out (three in a row cancelled after long waits).

@harru_tsai It is harder for a provisional rank player (with a ?) to get games. Although it is better to play humans than bots, perhaps you could play a few bot games against amybot-beginner, to establish rank first.


Perhaps the OP was expecting a live game instead of correspondence and then cancelled because the opponent didn’t play quickly.

For beginners, I would suggest creating custom games with rank restrictions (20-25kyu perhaps).


There is an open tournament by an harru tsai which I cannot find on the tournaments page.