"Has recently timed out of a game"

I do not recall timing out of a game, but I have cancelled several games after I played the first move as black when an opponent made no move after perhaps half a minute or so. I’m not sure if there is a problem with Quick Match Finder possibly hooking me up with an opponent but the opponent has left OGS already? Perhaps Quick Match Finder needs the kind of sophisticated interlock that was put on the scoring agreement button shown at the end of each game, to be sure that both opponents have actually been informed of their game.

At any rate, day after day of seeing “Has recently timed out of a game” in my profile is starting to get annoying, as it simply isn’t true. Also, there needs to be a precise definition of “recently”. It isn’t fair to give me a bad reputation when I don’t deserve it.

I believe this, https://online-go.com/game/11931173, is the source of the notice. I am surprised if it triggered the notice because that game was automatically annulled by the system, which means it is not really relevant to the purpose of the correspondence timeout rule. Perhaps it is a loophole in the whole timeout-rule business. If that is the cause, I think the reason it has not been cleared is that your subsequent completed correspondence games were unranked. I’m not sure, but I think clearing the notice requires completion of a ranked correspondence game. Only @anoek can manually clear the notice.


The way the Recently timed out marker works is this:

It does not apply to live games. Only correspondence games.

That message appears on your profile after you time out of a correspondence game. It also means, that all subsequent losses by timeout on correspondence games will be silently annulled.

That message only goes away if you end a correspondence game by scoring or resignation.

Your last correspondence game was https://online-go.com/game/11931173, which was in 2018, which ended in you losing by timeout.

Since you only play live games, if you are really concerned about that message, to get it to go away, you can play a correspondence game against a bot. They will move quite quickly. It doesn’t even have to be ranked, as long as it ends by scoring or resignation.

Hope this helps!

Edit: darn, @Conrad_Melville posted like a minute before me.

I don’t believe it has to be a ranked game to remove the marker. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was, however, because then you could easily game the system by playing a bot unranked, then resigning after like 3 moves.

If it does have to be a ranked game, I believe you would actually have to play it out, as annulled games would be just as much “cheating” as unranked games.

However, unranked timeout losses and annulled timeout losses can definitely trigger the thing.

I don’t see why everyone dislikes this message so much. The way I see it, the correspondence recently timed out mark grants you immunity, so in case you do decide to play a correspondence game (which it looks like you won’t), and in case you do time out, it won’t affect your rank.


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I didn’t get a notice that this answer was posted 82 days ago. I think putting a big almost-permanent “escaped” notice on profiles is unfriendly and should be considered a bug. I don’t have the time to try this advice for getting rid of the notice. And in this forum there are lots of people who don’t realize that this applies only to long-term games and can be fixed.


Can anybody please explain what I have to do to get rid of this message. Due to a serious health problem I indeed timed out of games in 2018. In 2020 I played over 20 games, without timing out myself. Why is this still on my profile?

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I can’t see why that label is still being applied, I wonder if @anoek can?

There is an informative posting somewhere here that explains that the design is that you must play another (even partial) long-term game to clear the message. It is apparently a problem that is considered minor as compared to others that are clamoring for the attention of the very few developers who are capable of fixing them. Speaking only for myself, the instructions for clearing the message seemed too difficult for me to take the time to figure out, And I don’t have the interest to play another game that lasts for days or weeks. Trying that once was enough to dispel the novelty of it. Let me clarify that even though I am not a big user, and I prefer fast 9x9 games now and then, I love this site for the many features that it gets right, and I am appreciative that it is actively maintained.

Yeah sorry guys that’s been a bit buggy for a bit now, it’s getting fixed with the next rating update. I manually cleared them all for the time being though.


Thank you so much! I am glad that even bugs considered as minor are getting fixed. Wonderful!


Thanks for your hardwork ^^


Thanks, Anoek!

Did you by any chance clear the rest of the personal information on profiles alongside the “recently timed out” flag? I don’t see my name/surname, my fox rank on my profile page anymore. (not complaining, small price to pay to get rid of that thing)