"Hat vor Kurzem ein Spiel durch Zeitüberschreitung verloren" remark about time out


I am very upset about the following new remerk in my players profile: “Hat vor Kurzem ein Spiel durch Zeitüberschreitung verloren”. Translated in English “Has lost recently a game by time-out”. Well I took the time and looked at several players who have lost against me by time out and found out that they do not have this remark. More annoyingly, among them are a lot of players who had not lost one but several games (some of them even up to 10) ended by time out.

  1. Kindly tell me why you treat players totally differently?
  2. I have looked up my last 30 games and I have lost only 2 games by time out. But not one with intention.
  3. I have won more than 10 games in my last 40 games by time out and nobody of these players has a similar remark.
  4. Do you start to use a Gestapo like behavior with this kind of remarks pointing your finger on certain players?
  5. I promt you to cancel immediately this remark from my players profile!

Honestly, I am very upset!

Hi slowfox,

the timeout mark kicks in when you lose a correspondence game by timeout. Live games are not affected.

The mark protects you against rank loss from multi-timeouting. It has been proven to be very useful against cases where players forgot about OGS and lost multiple correspondence games they had been running. When they came back, their rank dropped from e.g. 5Kyu to 20Kyu.

To prevent this, the mark prevents you from further rank loss due to correspondence timeout.

You can clear the mark by playing another correspondence game to the end.

The Gestapo reference is rather disconcerting. Don’t shame yourself, please.

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Just to expand on this point from @Franzisa

Only correspondence game timeouts will trigger this… in order to clear it you must play (and finish) a correspondence game that lasts more than 24 hours.

It’s not selective and it’s not necessarily meant to shame players.