Have you ever created a topic on OGS?

If you don’t ever builded a post on OGS, I will teach you! Go to the home page and press (+start new topic) button.

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may I change “builded” to “created” (or built at least) in your title?
A topic or a thread instead of a “post”, a post can be a simple answer in a thread.

And the category “meta” could be more appropriate as “general go discussion”.


build (present) → built (past) is an interesting conjugation.

The only comparison I can think of is gildgilt, but these days I think gildgilded is more common.

There’s also British English spellspelt (cf. American English spellspelled), and learnlearnt (cf. A.E. learnlearned), but these examples are a bit different is that the present tense doesn’t have that final D.

teachtaught is also similar. There’s also shootshot etc., but in that case the final T was there to begin with.