Haylee (3p) v. Ten (1p) Coming soon to an OGS near you!

You read that title correctly. Now see the promo video that @xhu98 has made especially for this event!

January 10 - 4 AM UTC (Hat tip to @KillerDucky)
January 9 - 11 PM EST for US/Canada East
January 9 - 8 PM EST for US/Canada Pacific


I read it happened a year ago)

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My first instance of writing 2015 instead of 2016, and it’s not even 2016 yet. Fixed.


That video has a bizarre opening.

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Is it going to be an even game?

Yes, even game.

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That will be… AMAZING! Thanks OGS! :smiley:

alarm clock --> set on the event


You really shouldn’t show pictures of the players. They just remain as just names floating on a screen.

Noticed the date of the event is not given. From the youtube info:

Haylee vs. Ten @ January 10 - 4 AM UTC (January 9 - 11 PM EST, January 9 - 8 PM PST)


Same in EET:
Haylee vs. Ten @ 10, January - 06:00 UTC+2

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Wait wait wait… back up…

Ten passed the pro test? I’m so far behind on things. DX I wish I’d had the chance to extend my congratulations.

But yeah, hype as heck about this!


A w e s o m e !

If I got it correctly Central European time and West African Timefor the game is Sunday, 10. January 2016, 05:00:00 (CET UTC+1 hour), also valid from Madrid in the West to Sofia in the East, from Longyearbyen in the North to Luanda in the South:

(time calculation and screenshot from http://www.timeanddate.com/)

I guess I should be fast asleep at that time :sleeping:

well, time to rising early then :slight_smile:


Forgive me for my ignorance,
I know Haylee by her youtube channel but who is Ten ?

Thank you

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You can see his blog here.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know the time setting? would love to get an half an hour of extra sleep :wink:

rumours say 30 minutes + 3 times 40 seconds byo-yomi

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thanks, so no extra bedtime :smile: