Help a newbie with tsumego problem? thank you

Hi, i am a newbie and it is a tsumego problem. I don’t have much confidence in my reading skills.
Problem was from a chinese language book.

Hope enlightenment will be much appreciated.

White to move. What is the best outcome? Is it ko? Thank you.

hi, the question is white to move to achieve optimal results. Hope you can help me again. thank you

You do have a nice board and stones though :smiley:

if white plays first here, then both ko and seki are possible as far as i can tell.

thank you.

I brought many cheap sets before, before committing to a more expensive set. :grin:

Its yunzi stone from China.

Board is 3cm,

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Of course seki is possible (and white’s move in Dia’s “ko” variation would lead to death). I’ve shared the correct variations in the demo.

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Thank you! :pray::pray:

Seki is possible, but only if black cooperates. Seems like there’s a way for black to force ko in all variations.

Sort of, because it’s a step ko it’s disadvantageous for black to initiate (white gets essentially 3 free moves), but of course, under some circumstances it might be necessary.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and assistance. :pray: