Help. Can someone please explain

Hello Folks. I am not realy new to Go, but still in learning and in some things still noob, I guess. Either that exeedinly so, or the AI is cheating me. In the two pictures of games I was utterly destroyed because white claimes half if my structures. but they have multiple eyes and are living, or don’t they? and why? please

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that was the game beforr that, same issue


Your upper right group has no eyes. If White A then Black is in atari so has to play B. If then White C then if Black D, then Black is still in atari and dies.

Capture d'écran 2024-03-22 213143


If white plays 1 here, the Black stone will be at immediate risk of being captured:

Likewise if White plays 1 here, the five Black stones will be at immediate risk of being captured:

This means that eventually, if Black doesn’t want these stones to be captured, Black will have to connect them to the rest of the group:

Only one eye left! Now White can capture all the black stones:


You need to reconsider what is an eye.

is Δ an eye?

no because after been surrounded you will have to connect or it can be captured.

Now check all what you called eyes to see if they are or not.


Now after this practice you may check every time in game that your eyes are real but that’s a bit fastidious.

Here is a rule to help you to see it quickly

this is an eye if 3 of 4 Δ are protected

  • by one more stone
  • by another eye
  • by the edge of the board

like that the opponent cannot put a part of your shape in atari (threat to capture)

On the left the black groups are dead. On the right they live

B8 is not an eye. He has only 2 of the 4 protection.
Same for B2, 2/4.
In each of these 2 groups, if one of the two Δ is replaced by a black stone, we will have 3/4 protection and thus an eye.

H8 has 3/4 (2 stones and another eye)
J9 has 4/4 (3edges and another eye)

A little more on the second game. It’s a common failure in the beginning to think that this shape may produce 2 eyes

in fact it’s impossible it can be no more as only 1 eye. you need 2 moves in a row to separate it in two, so your opponent will answer to avoid it to happen.


Go Magic just happened to post a video about false eyes:


Wow! Thank you all so so much, for that great, fast and many repies w

I think I start to understand better what a false eye means and why my areals tend to be dead. This KI realy plays harsh, I just played again and tbough I lost again, at least the eyes I had were real and the KI needed a second longer to calculate on some moves. I count that as a good sign ^^ and all thaks to you :3