Help Downloading Tygem English Client in 2022

Hey all, so I have run into an unfortunate and unexpected issue. Recently I have been experiencing pretty serious computer problems, which eventually led me to factory resetting my PC only to eventually rule out any software issues and realize that I have some faulty hardware of some sort. I’ll be getting a new PC within the next couple of months, and I can still get this computer to work decently most of the time while I am waiting.

Anyway, I once again wish to play on Tygem Baduk and remember the installation being somewhat ridiculous even five years ago. I believe I had to end up using the legacy Internet Explorer with ActiveX enabled to get it to install. Now, I returned to the page on Google Chrome and a prompt comes up saying I need to install ActiveX. But, since Internet Explorer was finally officially retired a couple of months ago, I am unsure of what exactly I need to do to download the client. Any secrets/ideas anyone?

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Wildly uninformed suggestion but maybe “Edge” which replaced “Internet Explorer”, might work.


Thanks, for you help Kosh. I luckily did discover a secret for anyone who does care to know; I was just tinkering around. It would seem you do have to use Edge, but right-click the download link and attempt to open it in a new tab. It will open a blank page for a few seconds and then should close, returning to the main page and beginning installation.

I thought I had lost access to one of my most beloved servers for good, so thanks again for guiding me into tinkering further in Edge!