Help! How to lower my player ranking?

I’m a 30k player. I have been for the past 100+ games. The OGS software was updated and one day I noticed I was ranked 19k. At the time I was playing 3 long games none of which were completed. I presumed it was a software error/bug that will be fixed. But days passed and I noticed that I was losing games easily with equal ranked players. After losing about 10 games continuously it occurred to me that others players are correctly ranked players.

I tried changing my ranking but I can bring it down only one rank - 20k.
Is this a ranking error/bug? Or is there anyway I can change rank to 30k?

Hi ZenGamer,

we changed our Ranking system, and there is no more 30k. Who was 30k before the change is now around 20k. :smiley:

You will find a good sum up of the changes in this topic: Rating correction and changes


Hi Franzisa,

Thanks for the update. So its not a bug. Now I have read the details regarding ranking changes.
Nice to know that my rank became 19k just by napping :slight_smile: .
But if it was a rank increase for all players then my 10 game loss means I suck at this game :frowning:

I also noticed something interesting since I manually changed my rank from 19k to 20k,
my account is marked as a provincial account!!! I played 156 games with this account. Going to play a few more to get out of provincial setting.

Over all the site works more smoothly and looks cooler after the software update.
To you and rest of the OGS team, Thank you all


You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Manually changing your rank gives your account 5 provisional games, so you won’t interfere with the ranks of other people directly. (In case you set your rank slightly off). Should be no big deal to play them quickly. :slight_smile: