Help learning to kill white group lower left corner. You are black

GoGoingGone-XiHongShii.sgf (1.9 KB)

I would play B A2. I think that is the killing move. But I am unsure. Any help regarding that?
Besides that, any pointers on how to develop the game better? I feel i lack “aggressiveness” when playing and that makes me lose territory, or I just end up gifting territory to the enemy.

There’s nothing there. w lives.

You mean from the final position? Or some time before? I think A4 will be a nice reduction, but white can still live.

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You seem to invite a review, which I have posted. Although I am not very strong, I think my comments may be helpful.

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A2 B4 and there’s two eyes. You can reduce a bit with A4, because white must respond A3 and allow black to capture the single stone in order to live. A4 B5? allows black to at least make seki, though there might be a ko somewhere that I missed.

Also, 206 D2 would stop black from cutting off the white corner group. The single stone dies in a ladder, though the A5 stone can be captured, reducing white a bit.

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