Help me I'm bad at this

will somebody play a teaching game with me

Hello @emoevilchild666, arguably we are all bad at this game :slight_smile:

I took the liberty of looking at your games and hope it does not seem too rude when I say that you do not seem to be too sure about the rules.

Go has a very long learning curve, and it is my personal opinion that before you can get something useful out of a teaching game, you should first be comfortable with the rules, maybe even play a few 9x9 games to be able to spot ataris (danger of immediate capture) and stuff.

We have an interactive guide that might help you here:

That said, send me a correspondence challenge whenever you like, and we can take a look at anything you are not sure about. Lately I am rarely able to play live, so if that is your preference, someone else will probably have to help :slight_smile:


Find a friend who wants to start playing go too (you can show him the rule) then play together. It will be easier to teach you anything after that.