Help me make more and better tournaments (OpenGotha Experiments)

A. Misc. Notes:

A1. OpenGotha:

  • Adding players is straightforward (you do need to add a name and surname though).
  • OpenGotha does not support correspondence times.

A2. Compatibility with OGS:

  • Time Settings do not seem to be downloaded correctly into the file, however, they are uploaded from file back to OGS. User needs to be careful to put the correct settings directly into OpenGotha.
    Time settings defaulted to Japanese Byo-Yomi: Clock starts with 1 hour main time, followed by 5 30 seconds periods.
  • Adding new players does not require confirmation.
  • Player rank is not automatically added to the file.
  • OGS nominally uses version 3.51 whereas OpenGotha’s current version is 3.52.03
  • Number of rounds can be changed freely.
  • First Name is forced to be set to “X”, otherwise, pairings don’t work.

A3. XML:

  • Remember to update saveDT if you modify the file manually. Format YYYYMMDDhhmmss
  • <Player> relevant fields seem to be firstName, name, userName, participating.
    userName needs to match OGS username (I wonder if this causes trouble with special characters).
    participating is a binary string that indicates which rounds the player participates in.

Original Post:


Recently, I have been I’ve been working on a match making piece of code. The code itself is rather simple at the moment, and requires me to manually set up the matches. However, I intend to work its way up to automation.

To achieve this, I need a better understanding on how the OpenGotha tool works. It is not enough to for me just play around with the program, so I need volunteers.

I want to set up a series of “Experimental Tournaments”. All I need is a few people to sign up. Don’t worry, the logistic part is on me (However, if you’ve organized OpenGotha tournaments before, any tips would be appreciated).


:trophy: 1st OpenGotha Experimental

  • Format: Double Round-Robin (playing twice each opponent, once as Black and once as White).
  • Players: No more than 5 (did I mention it has to be set manually :sweat_smile:?)
  • Size: 9x9 (I need the tournament to be short, to gather information).
  • Time settings: F:3d + 1d ≤ 3d, as usual I guess.
  • I would like to participate

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It seems the poll stabilized at 4: @benjito, @Feijoa, @yebellz and @teapoweredrobot. I’m assuming those are your usernames on the main site, right?

I’ll pick two of you at random to send the invitation (Benjito and teapoweredbot). Then I’ll try to add the other two (Feijoa and yebellz) directly from OpenGotha.

Thanks for your help


got the invite!


I’ll watch out for it!


I’m there!


Adding @yebellz and @Feijoa was pretty straightforward (upon uploading the file). It did not required confirmation from them though. I do see some potential for trolling there, albeit hidden beneath some amount of tedious work. It does not seem to be a problem, for now.

I changed the first post into a wiki, and I will be adding information that I find useful.

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Is there anything that I’m supposed to do at the moment? Should I join a game?

Oh nevermind. I see that it starts in 11 days

I do not think so. For now I’m playing around with settings and sort of backwards-engineering the changes on the xml file.

I will try different methods for adding games but, in the end, I think it is no different from other OGS tournaments. When I click “start round” it should create whatever games I put in automatically.

Since I am “experimenting” it might take some time, but I’ll try to start the tournament soon enough. I’ll inform you if I run into some trouble.


Looks like it’s started now, with 6 rounds and no matches?

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Yes, matches have to be added after closing registration (I think). It will be done soon.


First round of games is out.

I did run into some technical problems, which I’ll explain in detail in my next post (I’m a bit busy right now).

Since not all games were created properly, right now we have a first round that looks like a “normal” round-robin.

I will create the reamining games in a second round, and try to avoid corruption of the tournament file (I have pretty good idea of what went wrong).

Good luck in your games!


By the way, even though they aren’t all listed, I seem to have six games in this round.


Really?, thanks for the heads-up.

I had made a quick check because I was in a hurry. I’ll re-check then. If this is correct, then it seems it’s a display issue. We have to wait until the games are finished to see if the scoring is counted properly.

Anyway, this is exactly the kind of issues I expected to encounter, so you guys are truly being very helpful. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but knowing these bugs will allow me to make sure they don’t occur in future tournaments.


can confirm, I’ve got 2 games against each opponent:

But I don’t see dupes on the tournament page. By game ID, it looks like all these games were created together and in the same order, but only the later set are shown on the tournament page:

Participants Not Shown Shown
yebellz v. Feijoa 46442041 46442047
Feijoa v. benjito 46442042 46442048
teapoweredrobot v. Feijoa 46442043 46442049
teapoweredrobot v. benjito 46442044 46442050
yebellz v. teapoweredrobot 46442045 46442051
yebellz v. benjito 46442046 46442052

Round 1

Players :black_circle::white_circle: :white_circle::black_circle: Score
yebellz v. Feijoa B+13.5 W+0.5 2 - 0
Feijoa v. benjito W+R B+R 0 - 2
teapoweredrobot v. Feijoa W+R W+R 1 - 1
teapoweredrobot v. benjito W+0.5 B+R 0 - 2
yebellz v. teapoweredrobot B+R W+7.5 2 - 0
yebellz v. benjito W+R B+R 0 - 2

Standings (after round 1)

Player Points
@benjito 6
@yebellz 4
@teapoweredrobot 1
@Feijoa 1

So I’m not that familiar with tournaments tbh, did we expect the next round to start automatically?

And thanks for the games everyone!


Since all games were created, I don’t think I’ll make a second round (it stands empty right now, I’ll just remove it in the next upload).

That is, unless you guys want. I mean I can do pretty much whatever. Please let me know (@yebellz, @benjito, @Feijoa, @teapoweredrobot )

Wow!, you played very fast, I just noticed that your games are all done.

What I’ll do just now is test whether the standings are calculated correctly.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve done so far:

  1. Edit tournament description. This is bugged, it is not possible. This one is a failure so far. :x:
    Pending: Trying to do this from the API instead of the OGS interface.

  2. Uploaded/Downloaded tournament files. That one is a success :white_check_mark:

  3. Added players both from invitation with the OGS interface, and externally by addition to the game file. That one is also a success :white_check_mark:
    Incidentally, I found out there are some limitations on how to do this (particularly with the “name” field of each player, which has to be filled with an “X” or it won’t work).
    Pending: finding out whether it supports non-ASCII characters in the usernames.

  4. Adding/removing rounds. Changing time settings. Changing board size. All of these are possible. This one is a success. :white_check_mark:

  5. OpenGotha does not support time settings longer than 3 hours. This can be bypassed by manual modification of the tournament file. Success :white_check_mark:

  6. OpenGotha strongly discourages pairings with the same two players. It also does not support by any means pairing the same player more than once in the same round. This also can be bypassed by manual modification of the tournament file. Success :white_check_mark:

  7. OGS creates all the games as required, however, as you have seen, games played with the same opponent in the same round are not shown in tournament page.
    I strongly suspect this has to do with the fix of a bug that happened several years ago (where some games were shown duplicated, so maybe it was fixed by looking at whether the same two players had already been paired).
    Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about that in this instance but the solution, for future tournaments is very simple: avoid the issue altogether, just create two separate rounds. This one is a partial success :white_check_mark: :x:

  8. Pending: publish the standings after round 1.


By the way, thanks for the effort of manually creating those tables. That will make the comparison with the program way easier.


I’d be happy to play again, I enjoyed that despite the drubbing!



The mistake I’ve most seen when people organize tournaments with OpenGotha for the first time is that the parameters they use for the final rankings are often inconsistent with the parameters they use for the pairings, and this can result in final rankings that feel very unfair.

If the tool you are building can discourage these kinds of mistake, or at least not encourage them, it would be great!

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