Help me understand the score in Cosumi

Here is the final state of the Go game in Go Browser Game COSUMI - It's Free! . The result says Black (me) won by 5. But my count does not show up that. Here is an image of it.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Will appreciate if some one can explain.


9x2 +1=19
4x6 =24

no komi, no prisoner.

No prisoner because there is the same quantity of stones for each (19).
Counted Japanese way, Chinese just add 19 to each. Same result.

No komi is written on the website.


Thanks, but why do you have 9? There are only 8 squares. Should n;t it be 8x2 +1 ?

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It’s the intersections that are each counted as one point.


Intersection = where the lines cross. Where we put the stones. We don’t use the squares at all in go.

+1is because i used a small trick by moving
mentally the white stone on the left ( so i can count 9x2) to the top and so i get 2-1 little space free (+1). If you prefer you can say there are (9x2 -1)+2, no trick here.

So i hope it’s the last time you ever think of squares when playing go.

Happy new year, have fun playing!


Excellent. Thanks you @Groin and @teapoweredrobot . Happy new year to you all!