Help me with the analysis please!

White resigned on move 199, but White’s territory remained on the bottom left. This is such an appetizing fruit, but I can’t pick it. My direct attacks once again show me my low level. I feel that there is tesuji!

Hmmm, didn’t black resign? And the bottom left is blacks? Anyway, white can surely reduce a bit on the bottom left, but clearly can’ destroy that area entirely. And there is no reason to, because white is far ahead anyway.

I apologize, I mixed up. Of course Black surrendered. But, my scientific interest cannot be satisfied with Black’s surrender. Need a beautiful game. This is a good result.

D1 maybe?
Although top right seems more interesting. For both sides any move there has bigger followups.

Oh! This is very curious. I considered the option of white E3 F2 E1 D2 with a capture angle. But now I’ll take the monkey’s jump to my arsenal.
But, I am looking for a way to destroy the entire territory. Perhaps this is the way of the samurai?