Help on Ogeima Shimari sansan invasion Joseki

Normally to finish off the joseki, people will atari the stone at Q15, but what if he plays a looser net at Q14? I can’t see it really hurting the user even if he deviates from joseki. Then why isnt this recommended in joseki books?

interesting question! why not be greedy if there are no detriments…
in a quick search i found this. it doesnt answer your specific question, but says that the oogeima shimari is more likely to be invaded, since it aims for more territory, which means that it is less likely the corner will actually be yours in the end.

you have to scroll a bit :slight_smile:

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Toshiro Kageyama wrote in the fundamentals of Go (great book btw.) : When there are two ways of capturing a stone with one move, the firmer way is correct.

This may fit to this situation nicely. Both are nets, the P15 net seems firmer.


Yeah. Thought so too. Just that even the deviation was pretty firm too. Almost unnoticeably less so.

Interesting anyways. thanks

What you are describing is actually quite common. Josekis are established by professionals, and some sequences can be discarded just because they lose a point or two compared to the optimum sequence.

Also keep in mind that conclusions are for the local sequence, and other moves might actually be better when taking into account the whole board. For example your P14 might be a better choice if the upper black framework is already strong. Or why not even tenuki after white S16?

If you search a pro game database, like, you’ll find several games where the players didn’t follow the standard joseki.