Help on opening

Hello everybody! I know it’s a very common joseky, but I was wondering how to answer an opening like this (me being white). I can’t find any good answer to it!

I’ve obviously already moved, don’t think bad of me :wink:

You may be surprised to learn this is the most common opening formation of all time (it’s called the “Low Chinese”). Therefore it’s good to know how to respond.

A database search shows there are 5 professional games with this exact position. Enter the position at to see them.

There are also 11 games played by 9 dans on the Tygem Go server, which you can find at (you may have to rotate the board to get the orientation you played, but the position is the same)

I recommend looking up the position in each database and playing a few moves into each variation. This should take about 15 minutes, and you’ll have a much better idea about what you can do when this position arises in the future.


Also, check out the OGS library which has a similar feature:


ah, the low chinese! That takes me back! Chinese variations are interesting, and their aggressive, fight-oriented design makes them a popular choice among the SDK crowd.

The resources others have shared should cover all of your questions. I’d also recommend checking out the variation on, to study some pro games that utilized it.

The short-hand thing to keep in mind when facing it is that black plays the J17 stone to try to bait an approach on his komoku stone. If white takes the provocation, his approach stone is already facing a wide pincer, and black can attack it again, building strength in two directions while the white attacking stones flail.

Good luck studying!